Door County Docks and Piers

Door County Pier & Dock Builders

Door County Piers & Docks are available in infinite sizes and shapes. Creating a structure to work with individual sites requires a combination of engineering and art.

Nebel Engineers/Constructors can assist you in the complete phase from planning/permits to installation.

Door County Steel, Wood and Environmental Stairway

Stairway access along the Door/Kewaunee County shoreline is a common necessity given the abrupt elevation change. Many locations have bluff or hill locations where stairways provide user friendly access to shoreline. A wood stairway is typically a lower cost alternative with steel being a more rigid system quality staircase solution may include drilling and grout attachment to limestone bedrock for increased structural capacity. Proper design, equipment and personnel skill make a huge difference in the expected durability if the stairway assembly.

Nebel Engineers/Constructors Inc. can provide you with alternate solutions for shoreline access.

Docks & Piers

Nebel Engineers Constructors knows the special needs of Door County water access.Give us a challenge we will solve it.

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