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Door County Limestone - Quarry Stone Products

Limestone Stone products may consist of a range of products from fine chips to large stone riprad weighing up to 10 ton each. Limestone products are available in range such as smaller sizes for walk and driveway application, midrange sizes for draining and filter application with larger sizes typically being used for stream bank, shoreline, pier and building applications.

Door County Limestone - Road Gravel - Crushed Stone

Crushed limestone provides great advantages over standard pit run road gravels. Linestone road gravel is crushed to an exacting specification with proper content of fines and is an excellent surface topping used for roads and driveways. The small particles (FINES) in crushed limestone create a cementing action between the larger stones and provide tight binding action necessary for driveway durability.

Other crushed stone products include screened stone where the fines are removed and only the hard, durable limestone remains. This product is often used as a drainage or lanscaping stone.

Nebel Engineers/Constructors Inc. can supply or install these products for you.